Vocabulary Magic - Biology (High School) BundleVocabulary Magic DVD CoverVocabulary Magic Card Sort

Biology (High School) Bundle includes

Eight complete sets of cards; enough materials for 24 students working in groups of three.

Biology strands covered include -

Cell Structure & Function: card sorts 1-6

Mechanisms of Genetics: card sorts 1-4

Biological Evolution & Classification: card sorts 1-4

Biological Processes & Systems: card sorts 1-4

Interdependence within Environmental Systems: card sorts 1-3

Each Card Sorts consists of 27 cards: 9 vocabulary terms, 9 full color images, and 9 student-friendly descriptions/definitions.

Cards are printed on heavy-duty 14 pt. paper with gloss UV coating for durability.

Cards have full color, high-resolution images for each of the 189 terms.

Cards include student-friendly descriptions/definitions for easy reading and comprehension.

1 DVD with 21 Vocabulary Trailers; one trailer per Card Sort

21 card sort PowerPoint presentations. These can be used for review, lecture, and classroom discussions.

Student Instruction Page for using Card Sorts and Vocabulary Trailers.

Pack & Storage System: 200 (4x5) zip-lock storage bags and 37 (9x12) zip-lock storage bags.


Also Included:

6 Steps to Building Academic Vocabulary Guidebook

This step-by-step guide provides:

Research and trouble-shooting tips that teachers need when using Vocabulary Magic Card Sorts and Vocabulary Trailers.

Guidelines for creating your own Card Sorts and Vocabulary Trailers.

Tips and strategies for working with English Language Learners or for students reading below grade level.

Games and extension activities for students to use to increase understanding and comprehension.

all for only $495


Need to expand a bundle to accommodate a larger class size?  You can add additional sets to the bundle (materials for 3 students)  for $70.00 per.


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