Card Sorts

Question: What is a Card Sort, and how are they used for vocabulary instruction?

A Card Sort consists of 27 individual cards:
• nine vocabulary terms
• nine images
• nine definitions/descriptions

Using the Vocabulary Magic, Making Words REAL process, students match pictures and definitions with corresponding vocabulary terms. This process generates in-depth, student-to-student conversation about pictures, definitions, and new words as students read, analyze, take academic risks, hear feedback, and self-correct.

Question: What is a Vocabulary Trailer, and how does it complement a Card Sort?

The Vocabulary Trailer is a three-minute “mini-movie” students use to check their card sort matches. The Trailers use music, vivid images, and mind engaging facts to dramatically improve comprehension and retention of vocabulary terms.

Each trailer is a perfect complement to its companion Card Sort because it provides immediate feedback for students, allowing them to self-check and correct their Card Sort matches instantly! In addition, trailers expand student knowledge of new vocabulary terms by placing each term into meaningful context. You can watch a sample trailer below.

Science Stories

Question: What are the Science Stories, and how are they used for vocabulary instruction?

The nine focus words from each science card sort are prominently featured in the companion story. Students read and interact with the text by following our “decorate the page” strategy.

Picture Pages

We have fully launched picture pages Level 1 & 2 you can find them here.



Question: What is a Picture Page, and how is it used for vocabulary instruction?

Our Picture Pages are designed to teach high-frequency words in grades 1-3. Because these high-utility words appear frequently in written text, mastering them quickly builds reading confidence and fluency. 

Each Picture Page includes companion activities and an engaging story!

Teachers quickly build a robust language-learning environment by combining this tool with our research-based, five-step process. 

Note: Picture Pages are a powerful word-learning system for English language learners and reluctant readers!

Question: What vocabulary terms are included in each Picture Page bundle?

Level 1 Picture Pages Word List

Level 2 Picture Pages Word List

Level 3 Picture Pages Word List

Level 4 and 5 are coming SOON!