Who are we?

Joanne Billingsley

Joanne Billingsley is an award-winning teacher, consultant, author, keynote speaker, and nationally acclaimed lecturer with over twenty years of classroom teaching experience. Recognized as a gifted articulate speaker, she guides teachers in developing and implementing specific steps that build student-centered, language-rich, interactive classrooms. A featured speaker at many national and regional conferences across the country, her work combines current neuroscience discoveries with best practices in teaching to develop strategies and tools that accelerate acquisition of academic vocabulary. Joanne’s philosophy, “if you grow word knowledge, world knowledge will follow”.

Joanne is the founder and CEO of Billingsley Education and creator of Vocabulary Magic™ – Making Words REAL, a process for explicitly teaching difficult to learn academic words. Her passion is working with administrators, teachers, and students across the country, sharing strategies that have a positive and lasting impact on teacher effectiveness and student success.

Joanne resides in San Antonio, Texas where she enjoys hiking, story writing, treehouse building and spending time with family. 

Email – jbillingsley@vocabularymagic.com OR joanne@jmbillingsley.com

Or visit: http://www.jmbillingsley.com

anne williams

Anne Williams serves as the chief operating officer at Billingsley Education. Traveling from Texas to New York, to Colorado, to Malaysia she has worked with a diverse and wide range of students. She is a multi-talented educator, having taught first graders to read and eighth graders algebra. Most recently, Anne’s creative energy and skills have been focused on the development of Picture Pages™, our newest Vocabulary Magic™ word learning strategy and tool.

Anne resides in Morrison, Colorado with her two children Julia and Benjamin. She enjoys the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, playing tennis and most of all… discovering new ways to make learning language FUN!

Email- anne@vocabularymagic.com

what we do!


Our Mission: Helping educators build language-rich, student-centered, interactive classrooms.

We offer Professional Development, Strategies, and Tools that Dramatically Increase Student Understanding and Retention of Academic Vocabulary.

  • Are your students struggling with the extraordinary volume of new vocabulary they must master each year?
  • Do you need help getting students to speak, read and write using core academic vocabulary?
  • Would you like to learn about a NEW, engaging, brain-based process and powerful NEW tools proven to build academic vocabulary FAST?

Let us show you how to tap into the power of collaboration, communication, and imagery to accelerate student acquisition of academic vocabulary and key high-frequency terms. 

Discover Card Sorts, Picture Pages, and other exciting strategies that enhance literacy skills and boost language acquisition.