Vocabulary Magic - Making Words REAL

Integrated Science Grades 6-8


Question: What is a Card Sort, and how are they used for vocabulary instruction?

A Card Sort consists of 27 individual cards:

nine vocabulary terms

nine images

nine definitions/descriptions

Using the Vocabulary Magic, Making Words REAL process, students match pictures and definitions with corresponding vocabulary terms. This process generates in-depth, student-to-student conversation about pictures, definitions, and new words as students read, analyze, take academic risks, hear feedback, and self-correct.

Click here to see a sample Card Sort


Question: What is a Vocabulary Trailer, and how does it complementa Card Sort?

The Vocabulary Trailer is a three-minute "mini-movie" students use to check their card sort matches. The Trailers use music, vivid images, and mind engaging facts to dramatically improve comprehension and retention of vocabulary terms.

Each trailer is a perfect complement to its companion Card Sort because it provides immediate feedback for students, allowing them to self-check and correct their Card Sort matches instantly! In addition, trailers expand student knowledge of new vocabulary terms by placing each term into meaningful context.

Click here to view a sample Vocabulary Trailer


Question: How do Vocabulary MagicTM Math Card Sorts & Trailers help student master math critical skills?

Math is about more than calculations, procedures and rules. For many students, math is a new language. Vocabulary MagicTM Cards Sorts & Trailers develop visual literacy skills and support math instruction. Using Card Sorts, Trailers with the Vocabulary Magic 6 step process, teachers can tap into the power of imagery, curiosity, communication and collaboration to support students as they master the language of mathematics.


Question: What happens when students use Vocabulary MagicTM Math Card Sorts, Trailers and our 6 step process?

students think creatively and visually about math terms

discuss/debate math concepts and develop clear, concise definitions for key math vocabulary

comprehend math concepts and master the language of math!

Math Level 1 includes 234 basic math term (see word list). Level 1 can be used in grades 3 plus or with any beginning of intermediate English Language Learner.

Math Level 2 & 3 card sorts & trailers COMING SOON!


Question: What key vocabulary words are included in Vocabulary Magic, Making Words REAL – Integrated Science Card Sorts & Vocabulary Trailers?

Vocabulary terms are selected based on the 8th grade STAAR tested Readiness Standards (RS), Support Standards (SS), and the proposed 2012 Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). A total of 333 key vocabulary terms covering each of the 49 tested TEKS on the 8th grade STAAR are included!

Click here for a complete list of vocabulary terms and TEK correlations


Question: What is included in the Vocabulary Magic, Making Words REAL – Integrated Science Bundle?

Enough materials for 15 students working in groups of three.

5 complete sets of cards. Each set contains 37 individual Card Sorts:
That is 555 full color pages, 185 Card Sorts, covering 333 key science terms selected from four categories:

Matter & Energy: 8 Card Sorts with 72 terms.

Force, Motion, & Energy: 4 Card Sorts with 36 terms.

Organisms & Environments: 13 Card Sorts with 117 terms.

Earth & Space: 12 Card Sorts with 108 terms.

Each of the 185 Card Sorts consists of 27 cards: 9 vocabulary terms, 9 full color images, and 9 student-friendly descriptions/definitions.

Cards are printed on heavy-duty 14 pt. paper with gloss UV coating for durability.

Cards have full color, high-resolution images for each of the 333 terms.

Cards include student-friendly descriptions/definitions for easy reading and comprehension.

2 DVDs with 37 Vocabulary Trailers; one per Card Sort

37 Card Sort PowerPoint presentations. These can be used for review, lecture, and classroom discussions.

10 Sentence Stems, a great tools for ELLs.

Student Instruction Page for using Card Sorts and Vocabulary Trailers.

Guidebook with implementation tips for teachers and vocabulary games for students.


This step-by-step guide provides:

research and trouble-shooting tips that teachers need when using Vocabulary Magic Card Sorts and Vocabulary Trailers.

guidelines for creating your own Card Sorts and Vocabulary Trailers.

tips and strategies for working with English Language Learners or for students reading below grade level.

games and extension activities for students to use to increase understanding and comprehension.

Pack & Storage System: 185 (4x5) zip-lock storage bags and 37 (9x12) zip-lock storage bags.