AIM to Grow your Brain


Aim to Grow Your Brain
A Guide for Teachers, Parents, and Students

Do you know that student perceptions about intelligence profoundly influence school performance? When students learn, that intelligence is expandable – that the brain responds dramatically to effort, reflection, and practice – they begin to embrace new challenges, and overcome fear of failure.
The message “smart is something you get, not just something you are,” is a powerful one. It offers life-changing hope for growing a better brain through personal effort.

Discover neuroscience lessons that…

Inspire students to embrace academic challenges, and believe in their potential for intellectual growth.
Motivate teachers to create an enriched, challenging academic environment, and discover its impact on learning.
Provide a message of hope: “If you embrace challenges, give your best effort, and practice – you will grow in intelligence. We all have the potential to grow a better brain”.

Deliver this message of hope… and watch lives change.