Picture Pages Level 1 Group 4


Introducing Picture Pages, a vocabulary learning system all students (including English language learners and struggling readers) can use to master the academic language they need to succeed. After a decade of research and extensive classroom testing, the Vocabulary Magic™ team is excited to share this engaging and highly effective strategy!

Vocabulary Words included: ripe, scold, hobby, groan, globe, train, alone, cross, feast


Picture Pages was developed to address 8 key elements:

  1. Provide students with the opportunity to develop and work in small learning communities.
  2. Increased student-to-student opportunities for listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a sheltered environment.
  3. The availability of relevant, interesting pictures and concise definitions that support student understanding and retention of new vocabulary.
  4. Structured opportunities that help students to relate to new words and allow for discussion about prior knowledge/life experiences.
  5. The availability of sentence stems and note-taking techniques that support speaking, writing, and summarizing in complete sentences.
  6. A support system to encourage students to take academic risks and listen to different points of view.
  7. The availability of timely feedback followed by an opportunity for self-correction.
  8. Continued opportunities for students to engage with newly learned vocabulary in stories and game-like extension activities.

Picture Pages taps into the power of imagery, conversation, collaboration, and play to ensure all students (including English Language Learners) build-essential language skills. Intentionally teaching carefully selected high-utility words that appear frequently in the text across multiple content areas will boost student confidence, reading comprehension, and fluency. Each Picture Page introduces nine new words and is used with our researched “5-Step Process”. The new words are then presented in an intriguing, illustrated story, and accompanying activity pages (both printable and electronically on Google Slides). See the delight on your student’s faces as they master challenging vocabulary and watch their confidence soar!