At Billingsley Education, we are planning NEW and exciting professional development opportunities. Now, you can select in-person, remote-live, or pre-recorded professional development. Training sessions are designed to fit teachers’ specific needs and busy schedules. These creative options allow teachers to experience our high-quality, inspirational training. We are here to support you!

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Joanne Billingsley – Billingsley Education
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Below is a partial list of our most popular training options:

Do you see a professional development you are interested in but would like to tweak it to meet the specific needs of your district/campus? Not a problem. We pledge to work with you to provide the best professional development for your educators. Contact us about designing a session that will specifically meet your needs and schedule.

NEW: Picture Pages – Creative Strategies for Direct Instruction of High-Frequency Words & Academic Terms

Making Words REAL – Proven Strategies for Building Academic Vocabulary FAST across ALL Content Areas!
Dramatically Increase Opportunities for Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing Using Academic Language. Experience high-quality instructional strategies that engage students in vocabulary and language interaction. Learn to create and implement card sorts, multimedia trailers, sentence puzzlers, vocabulary in-a-bag, and word games to expand academic language and increase content comprehension and retention. 

Making MATH Words REAL – Mastering the Language of Math
Develop the vocabulary/language skills students need to think, talk, read, write and assimilate new math concepts

Making SCIENCE Words REAL – Mastering the Language of Science
Develop the vocabulary/language skills students need to think, talk, read, write and assimilate new science concepts.

Teaching ELLS & Diverse Learners the Words They Need to Succeed
Proven Targeted Strategies to Accelerate the Acquisition of Academic Vocabulary Dramatically Increase Opportunities for Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing Using Academic Language in ALL Content Areas. This seminar will model proven & practical instructional strategies that engage all students in vocabulary and language interactions. Discover NEW, highly engaging, field-tested strategies that make content comprehensible and words REAL! Note: Special emphasis on sheltered instruction and small group learning experiences.

Supporting ELLs & Diverse Student Learners

Unleashing a Mindset of Achievement – What to Do When Students Struggle or Won’t Try
Acquire NEW learning strategies and tools for developing academic mindsets that have a lasting positive impact on academic performance. Identify how academic mindsets strongly influence academic performance. Outline an action plan for developing positive academic mindsets. Examine factors that influence and accelerate language acquisition. Discover tools that transform students’ motivation to learn. This professional development is based on Joanne’s book – Aim to Grow Your Brain 

Build a Language-Rich, Student-Centered Classroom
How to build & implement highly effective learning centers and maker spaces. This instructional model has produced remarkable results with Els & diverse learners in both traditional and inclusion classrooms. Joanne’s philosophy; “When you provide students with a wide variety of novel, multi-sensory experiences, and creative opportunities, students will engage, respond, learn, and succeed.” Differentiated instruction has never been more compelling or more FUN! Note: This training is well-suited for science or math teachers.

Object & Project Based Learning
Using Simple Objects & Projects to Generate Complex Thinking, Deep Understanding, and Spark a Love for Learning. Discover how students can explore simple objects to expand academic vocabulary, practice writing, and even master the parts of speech!